Tawakkal Baharuddin

The program of master of Government Affaris and Administration of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta help the students to focus and direct in order to complete their thesis with fast and quality. The system of teaching and advising are very professional with the lecturers who have various academic concentrations. In addition, the environment and facilities for lecture and research strongly support the students to be able to focus on finishing the thesis with the effective. (Tawakkal Baharuddin, MIP Batch 9)


For me who has been a dozen years off from climate and academic activity. Studying in MIP not only has “recalled ‘ old memory which had started to crust but also gives” insight “and” machine ” heats through my brain. Insya Allah, the machine will stay heat and keep moving for illuminating and enlightening the nation and the State. Thanks and high appreciation which has given by MIP and the professors who have shed the water showing academic to us. I am MIP (Paryanto, MIP Batch 9)

Marno Wance

In my opinion, MIP UMY is experiencing a very advanced development, academic culture, and follow the progress of the world education nationally as well as internationally. This is proved with the MIP has always sought every year to send students to understand closer about the atmosphere of university abroad. The development of study programmes with accreditation A in 2016, and the development education centre politics and government, as well as conducting joint research between students and professors in the field of management and government policies. This means that MIP UMY is always sure MIP’s alumni will be useful for the people, nation and country for the progress of civilization. Finally, I am proud to be alumni MIP UMY and proud to be part of the big family of MIP UMY (Marno Wance, MIP Batch 9).

Yasmira P. Moner

I am Yasmira P. Moner, a Muslim Filipina whose passion for teaching, research and community involvement paved her way to be one of the lecturers of the Political Science department of Iligan Institute of Technology-Mindanao State University, Iligan City, Philippines.  I completed my Academic Requirements (CAR) in Master of Arts in Political Science at University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. As a JKSG scholar, I am very grateful to be granted scholarship by the Jusuf Kalla School of Government (JKSG) which enabled me to pursue my Masters in Government Affairs and Administration (MIP) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) considered to be among the top-performing Universities in Indonesia and internationally accredited by the Asia Pacific Society of Public Affairs (APSPA). It has been such a wonderful journey to learn and exchange mutually-beneficial ideas from the competent Professors, friendly staff and student groups coming from diverse backgrounds, which makes UMY as an amazing institution for higher learning. The learning experience at UMY has been so far, one of the highlights of my social and professional development.

Andhi Nur Rahmadi

Master Program of Government Affairs and Administration of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta is one of the best places to process in my life. In MIP, I was able to get knowledges which is very useful for me and do not forget I thank  to all of the professors and MIP staff for patient and educate me for 2 years. Especially, thank you to Dr. Zuly Qodir who has guided my thesis and graduation can follow to this day. I am proud to be part of the MIP. I Love MIP UMY (Andhi Nur Rahmadi, MIP Batch 9)