Public Lecture: Government System in Malaysia

October 9, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Thursday (3/10) Masters of Government Science and IGOV held a Public Lecture for MIP and IGOV students. The lecturer series also became part of the visiting professor program. Dr Ahmad Zubir from Malaysia Northern University presented his thoughts on the bureaucracy in Malaysia, especially in the state of Kedah. “What was in your mind when I asked about Governance?” Asked Dr. Zubir. Some of the participants in the 2018 class were silent. However, Raihan bravely answered, “I remember the President,” he said. With that, the following discussion continues. The main point of Dr. Zubir’s presentation is an understanding of governance itself and how economic development is needed in each state.
The lecturer series located in 401 Postgraduate Building are not only participated by IGOV students, but also Masters students. There are around 8 MIP students who attend classes. One of them is Adill Hassan from Sudan. Adill asked Dr. Zubir on how Malaysia has run such a government system for more than 50 years, because the Sudanese government has tried but failed. Adill also asked other participants about the Indonesian government system. “I don’t really know how Indonesians and Malaysians can adopt the western bureaucratic system, but Sudanese cannot,” Adill added. Dr. Zubir also realized that as a Muslim country there are several aspects which cannot be adapted by western system countries, one of which is sexual freedom.
The fun discussion that began at 3.30 in the afternoon ended at 5 pm with a group photo of lecturers and participants. (AD)