Public Lecture: Assoc. Prof. Sataporn Roengtam raised the issue of the Indonesian and Thai political systems

October 24, 2019, oleh: superadmin

Tuesday (10/22) Masters Government Affairs and Administration, Government Science, IGOV and Government Science Lab held a Public Lecture for undergraduate or graduate students and also students from Khon Kaen University, Thailand. The lecture series is also part of the Academic Visit event. Assoc. Sataporn Roengtam from Khon Kaen University, Thailand presented his thoughts on Government Systems and Politics in Indonesia and Thailand.
In this even,t the Thai-Indonesian government and the political system at the local level were delivered to the central government. Therefore, it is appropriate to present two expert speakers, bearing in mind the political observers and the governments of Thailand and Indonesia. According to Prof. Sataporn Roengtam, presumably, our democratic system still has many shortcomings, “almost the same as Indonesia, the classic political and governance problems of the Thai sector are still found by several government heads to carry out dynasties. Politics and politics of money or buying votes.
However, on the other hand, innovation continues to be made, efforts to support an open and participatory implementation, Thailand uses several popular social media such as Line and Facebook to access the public. Discussing citizens and local governments in Thailand, explained that it was a challenge for Thailand’s local government, improving government development not in accordance with community needs and corruption. Many local governments have found it is not going well, asking for participants to involve the community in government administration, added sataporn (AS)