RTVI: Young Voters are Aware of Gender

December 18, 2016 by : superadmin-mip

Kulon Progo Regency (17/12) – the Center for Election and Political Party (CEPP) of UMY in collaboration with the Ministry of Empowerment of women and children (KPPA) and also in collaboration with the Association of Indonesia Political Science Professor (AIDIPI) held Rock The Vote Indonesia (RTVI) 2016 with carrying the theme of Gender-conscious Young Voters. In this occasion, MGAA also became part of the implementation of the RTVI on Saturday, 12 December 2016. With respect to the forth coming, the elections in Kulon Progo beginning 2017, CEPP UMY chose as the site of the execution of Kulon Progo RTVI 2016 with targeting young voters based on middle-level Schools and Vocational in Kulon Progo. In addition, besides inviting the Deputy of the Ministry of women empowerment and child, this agenda was also attended by representatives from other campus CEPP such as University of Indonesia and the State University of Lampung.



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