The student mobility program had provided me a great opportunity to learn from Thailand’s societal and political culture. It had also afforded me an opportunity to also learn about what Thailand does, how it functions, as well as how it emerged to be one of the leading tourism-based economy in the region. We talked about the problems of the Thai government and the government efforts to encounter these problems. We had very engaging discussions in core areas of public administration. We were also given an opportunity to visit Laos which was a great experience as it made us understood not only Laos’ culture but to also understand how we are similar and different in various aspects. This does not only highlight me appreciation to international knowledge exchange and idea sharing but it also highlighted the appreciation I have for the ASEAN community. It was able to put in the spotlight the importance of how important it is to not only exist with the recognition as “One ASEAN” but to also understand each other’s differences and on how we can best collaborate to see solutions and policy frameworks. My deepest gratitude is extended to KKU, and to TU for the shared learnings. Above all, my greatest thanks to MGAA-UMY for this opportunity and for allowing me to participate to this student mobility program.

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