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December 22, 2016 by : superadmin-mip

Wednesday, December 21 2016. MGAA UMY concerned over the occurrence of Flooding covering the town of Bima and Bima regency (NTB). The report while thousands of homes submerged, 5 home drifting and dozens of homes damaged. Water height ranges from 2-3 m. While the needs are evacuation boats, emergency tents, blankets, clean water, food, medicines, clothes, etc.

Since this day, NTB PWM MDMC accepts and funnels donations to flood victims in Bima. Donations can be transmitted through: BNI Syariah Mataram: No. Account 0480538041 a.n. Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center PWM NTB.

May the family of alumni and students of MGAA from NTB especially Bima and all the people of NTB are always protected by Allah SWT, may always be patient in misfortune.The big family of MGAA pray that Allah SWT relieves the suffering of the people of NTB and the conditions immediately recovered. Aamiin.

Call center: 0821-4434-4588 (Muslimin)

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