Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Master of Government Affairs and Administration UMY and International Program of International Relations (IPIREL) with Khon Kaen University (KKU) held a discussion on the topic of Women ‘s Role in Indonesia & Thailand Parliaments”. The speaker in this seminar is Miss. Pornsan Piyanantisak (KKU) and Dr. Nur Azizah (Chair of the International Relations Study Program) Miss. Pornsan Piyanantisak explained “Women in Thailand: Status, Role and Rights” before the 1997 Constitution, women were unable to occupy seats in the Thai Parliament. In 1997, women only occupied 6 percent of seats in parliament. This number has remained stable for several years, until it has slowly increased in recent years. Dr. Nur Azizah explained about the role of women in parliament in Indonesia, more clearly he presented a comparative development of women’s representation between Indonesia and Thailand. Furthermore, the impact of decentralization provides major changes to the policies of each local region and province. Even each province is required to formulate policies that are in line with women’s issues. Thus, the representation of women in every party in Indonesia to advance to the parliamentary seat is crucial.

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