Master of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (MGGA UMY) in collaboration with Thammasat University Thailand organizes International Seminar along with theme health policy, Administrative Reform, and Parliament in Thailand. This Joint Seminar will be held for 2 days which applies starting from the date of 23-24 December 2016 in the seminar room, 4th floor, postgraduate building, UMY. The keynote speakers in this joint seminar are Dr. Mutiarin, M.Si (UMY), Dr. Suranto, M.Pol and from Thailand is Prof. Amporn Tamronglak (TU). This event will be attended from a variety of institutions such as academicians, Local Government Agencies (SKPD), Head of districts, and BPJS Health DIY, as well as graduate student Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakara. According to the Chairman of the Committee and also as the head of MGAA UMY Dr. Dyah Mutiarin said that the policy related regulations of organization of health coverage is important to be discussed because the current is from the BPJS healthcare in Indonesia which is still many deficiencies and constraints. In addition, health policy seminar also discussed about the Parliament to be more productive in producing legislation that impact both for the society. In this joint seminar, Prof. Amporn Tamronglak besides being a speaker is also currently a lecturer on courses MGGA UMY.

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