Yogyakarta – Master of Government Studies Study Program collaborates with Government Study Program and IGOVHeld an International Seminar on the topic “Democracy in Indonesia and Equipped with Other Countries” on Monday (11/11) in the 4th Floor Postgraduate Seminar Room.

Andreas Ufen, researcher from the German Institute for Global Area Studies (GIGA) and Bambang Eka Cahya Widodo, S.IP., M.Sc., UMY MIP Lecturer who is the Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) for the 2008-2012 period.

On this occasion, Andreas spoke about the type of democracy that took place in Southeast Asia.

“There are five types of democratic transitions, namely Transformation, Replacement (Transplantation), Transplantation (a mixture of transformation and replacement), Foreign Relations, and Democratization through Elections (Democratization due to general elections),” Andreas explained.

In his presentation, Andreas mentioned four countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Timor Leste and Malaysia) as examples of the types of transitions translated.

The first country was the Philippines which replaced the transition (replacement), while Ferdian Marcos was replaced to move his country and was replaced by Cory Aquino. The second country is Indonesia, which changes the transition model replacement (replacement) and Transformasi (transformation). Then, Timor Leste changed the transition model of Foreign Relations (external influences). Finally, Malaysia changed the model of Democratization by Election (Democratization due to general elections).

On the same occasion, Bambang said something different from Andreas. He delivered about “Decreasing Democracy in Indonesia”, where the things delivered were his experiences at the holding of the 2019 Concurrent Elections.

“The decline of democracy is marked by the weakness of democratic enforcement institutions and deprivation of civil liberties and political rights,” he said.

Bambang cited several events that showed the decline of democracy in Indonesia, discussing the case of his death, Muhammad Yusuf and cases of humiliation against the president. (Bhk)

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