Friday (4/10) an International Seminar was held for students of the Master of Government Science Study Program and Government Study Program. This seminar is one of a series of visiting professor programs in this odd semester. Dr. Nazir Hussain from Quaid-i-Azzam University Islamabad Pakistan presented his thoughts on addressing the constitution, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. “What is the constitution?” Dr. Nazir asked. the constitution is one of the post-colonialisation’s proofs, in fact the constitution can be said to be the supreme secret of the entire world. “usually,

the institution will have 4 main points; a good life, economy / security, justice and an opportunity for freedom, “said Dr. Nazir. “It is also different from the monarchy system created by the king’s decision,” Dr. Nazir added. Pakistan has 2 names; Pakistan as a nation and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a constitution and it emerged in 1962.

The seminar located in the amphitheater of the 4th floor of the Postgraduate Building was attended by not only IGOV students, but also Masters students. Nazir stated that the constitution is the same as the text in religion, so every holder must obey it. Pakistan has two regions; West Pakistan is known as Pakistan and also East Pakistan namely Bangladesh. Pakistan’s first elections were held in 1969 which produced a constitutional consensus adopted by the Islamic assembly. Compared to now, in the technological era, the media is one of the important pillars of the country, because the media will share it with the whole world, Islamophobia is an example.

This discussion went very well by having 2 question and answer sessions. In the first session, 3 students from the undergraduate level asked about bad constituencies in Pakistan at this time. One student also asked about cultural law and substantial law. The extraordinary question in this session was about the halal industry in Pakistan. The fun discussion that began at 3.30 in the afternoon ended at 5 pm with a group photo of lecturers and participants. (AD)

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