Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si.

Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si.


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Tahun Judul Institusi/Penerbit/Sponsor
2015 Towards Good Governance, Leadership And Decent Livelihood For Women: Some Experiences Of Malaysia And Indonesia, (editor: Dyah Mutiarin dan Noraida Endut) Pustaka Pelajar – JKSG
2015 Evaluation of Universal Health Care : a Comparative Study between Indonesia and Thailand
2014 West Papuan Secessionist Movement: Origins, Government Policy , And Dialog; Ali Muhammad, Dyah Mutiarin, Neles Tebay. Lambert Academic Publishing.
2014 Public Service Integrity Perception : Case Study In Kutai Kertanegara Regency Indonesia. (Hal 93-102). Journal of Government and Politics Vol 5
2014 The Role Of Civil Society Organization In Education Service ( A Case Study Of Catholic Foundation And Muhammadiyah Organization).
2013 Comparative Study on Medium Term Regional Planning to Support Tangerang City Development.
2013 Evaluation of  Transfer Grants in Indonesia, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia.
2013 Making Performance-Based Budgeting Works In Some Local Governments Of Indonesia- Dyah Mutiarin And Achmad Nurmandi , Paper Presented In International Conference Of Public Organization Bali, Indonesia.
2013 Public Budgeting in Fiscal Decentralization, paper presented in International Conference of Decentralization IPDN, Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia
2012 Public Service Integrity : Case Study In Kutai Kartanegara Regency, Indonesia-International Conference on Public Organization, Korea University, Korea.
2012 Positive And Negative Impact Of Direct Election Towards Public Service In Indonesia – International Conference on Sustainability Innovation, UMY-IIUM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
2011 Institutional Capacity Building for Construction Training Board Surabaya ( Pusbin KPK- Ministry of Public Works) – Researcher
2011 Monitoring and Evaluation System  of the Utilization of Specific Purpose Grants (Dana Alokasi Khusus/DAK) in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Province (PT Sinergy Visi utama) – Researcher
2011 Governor Appointment for the Democracy – Analisis KR Kedaulatan Rakyat
2010 Anlaysis on Deconcentration and Medebewind in DIY – Researcher Sinergy Visi Utama
2010 Institutional Capacity Building for Construction Training Board Yogyakarta  – Researcher PusbinKPK- Ministry of Public Works
2010 Formulation Studies on Tourist Visitor Numbers in Jogjakarta – Researcher Puspar-UGM
2010 The Implementation Of Special Autonomy For Papua Province Within The Context Of Indonesia Decentralization Policy – Joint International Seminar of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and Thammasat University –Bangkok “Impact and Challenges of Decentralization Policy towards Democratization and Development : A Comparative Perspective between Thailand and Indonesia
2010 Civil Society Empowerment And The Role Of International Donor, A Case Study Of Jayawijaya District, Papua , Indonesia, ( Dyah Mutiarin and Vidhyandika Perkasa) ,  International Seminar of Globalization: social Costs and Benefits for The Thirld World- Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret- Solo.
2010 Governance in Corruption Alleviation– Opini – KR Kedaulatan Rakyat
2010 The Flow of Commuters and Tourism – Analisis KR Kedaulatan Rakyat
2009 The Development of Women Participation in Governance – Researcher DP2M – Dikti
2009 Institutional Capacity Building for Construction Training Board Yogyakarta – Researcher PusbinKPK- Ministry of Public Works
2009 Development of Community Based Tourism – Researcher PT Maton Selaras – Ministry of Tourism
2009 Mapping of Policy Development, Program and Budget of Child Labor and Youth Employment – Researcher ILO EAST
2009 Transformasi Good Governance at the  Local  Perspective in Jawawijaya Jurnal Analisis CSIS
2008 Mapping Social Accountability Practices in Indonesia – Researcher Sponsored by UNDP
2008 Monitoring and Evaluation of  Indigeneous People Capacity Mapping in Papua – Researcher Sponsored by SOfEI-World Bank
2007 Empowering Civil Society  Organizations Towards Good Governance Jurnal Spirit Publik – UNS
2007-2008 Empowering Civil Society Group to Promote Participatory Governance in Papua – Researcher  Sponsored by the United Nations Democratic Funds -UNDEF
2007 The Evaluation of Public Space Planning in Jogjakarta- researcher.
2006 The Dinamics of Local Politics at the Grass Root Level. (Published in Bahasa) Amara Books, Jogjakarta
2006 The Transformation of Local Governance and Public Participation : A Studi of Four Villages in Java After the Reformasi Doctoral Thesis
2005 Empowering Urban and Rural Communities in Public Sector Management –researcher
2004 The Role of Women’s Politics after the Reform PPI Bulletin
2004 Indonesian Worker’s Management Kedaulatan Rakyat
2003 The Quality Service of Sarjito Hospital-researcher
2002 The Total Quality Management for Higher Education in Stisipol Kartika Bangsa –Researcher
2001 Quality Service Management of Tourism Board of Yogyakarta Special Province
1995 The Evaluation of Determinant Factor Influencing the Efficiency og Trade and Industrial Agency of Pekalongan Regency.

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