Follow-up Plan for a Democratic Class

June 6, 2018 by : superadmin-mip

Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Master of Government Affairs and administration in cooperation with Institute of Research and Empowerment, and Electoral Commission of Bantul held to follow-up democracy class in Sumbermulyo Village on 9-12 am. Speaker and facilitator in this event were Isnaini Mualliddin, S.IP, M.PA as Lecturer of Master of Government Affairs and Administration and Titik Istiyawatun, S.IP as a Commissioner of Electoral Commission in Bantul Regency. This activity was a commitment to supported and maintaining the existence of Democracy class. Participants in this activity amounted to 40 people consisting of village officials, election committee and society. Participants were divided into 3 groups for discussions related to the formulation of democratic class institutions, improving the quality of democratic and enhancing the quality of electoral integrity. The results of the follow-up plan were formulating institutional class democracy in Sumbermulyo Village by the name of “Sumber Demokrasi”. This class will aim to create smart voters and realize a healthy democratic party. This class will be spearheaded by the ambassadors of Democracy that will be selected by deliberation. In addition to efforts to improve the quality of democracy required the involvement of various stakeholders. The effort is to improve the integrity of the election through the enhancement of socialization conducted by Electoral Commission of Bantul Regency and political parties. The prospect of this activity delivered by KPUD Commissioner of Bantul Regency is able to conduct a meeting with the Village Government to implement the follow-up plan that has been formulated by the participants of democracy class.

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