Master of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (Prodi MIP-UMY) provides a range of facilities that can be used by students to support the smooth process of teaching and learning in the classroom and outside the classroom. Some of them are:

1. Multi Media Class

Multi Media Class or multimedia classroom is a classroom equipped with LCD projectors and Air Conditioning (AC) in order to facilitate the convenience and flexibility in teaching and learning in the classroom.

2. Free Internet Access

Free Internet Access or free internet access is to help students looking for study materials and can be accessed from almost every corner of the campus.

In addition there are other supporting facilities are provided such as the University;

  1. American Corner.
  2. Warung France.
  3. Sinology Center.
  4. E-Library.
  5. Student Dormitory.
  6. Sportorium.
  7. Career Development Center (CDC)
  8. Scholarships.
  9. Access Journals Online.
  10. English Course
  11. Health Clinic
  12. E-Learning