Thursday, 30 March, 2017 Electoral Management Body of Bantul Regency launched Smart House Elections (Omah Election). Omah Electoral Management Body of Bantul Regency is a concept of education for voters through the utilization of existing space in the Bantul Regency in order to do the whole community education programs and activities. this event was attending by the Electoral  Management Body of DIY Province, City/Regency in DIY, the Vice Regent of Bantul, the head of the OPD, the officer of politics, the leader of the political parties, the press media and invited guests.

The existence of Omah Election means to improve for effective learning of politics for the younger generation. The cooperation the electoral body management of Bantul Regency and Master Program of Government Affairs of UMY, are expected to optimize the function of Omah election, as a vehicle of planting democracy for consensus together. The Chairman of Electoral Management Body of Bantul Regency Muhammad Johan Komara, S. IP in his speech said, Omah Elections designed as educational media voters, is the means to do the educational values of democracy and elections as well as a container for a community activist in the developing movement, gave the new idea for updates and improvements to the political process and democracy.

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