Discussion and Book Surgery Jihat Eradicate Corruption

March 22, 2017 by : superadmin-mip

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, MIP UMY and MIHI UMY organized discussions and Surgical Books Jihat Against Corruption which is written by Abdullah Hehamahua. This event was attended by Head of MIP UMY program, Head of MIHI UMY program, UMY lecturers, postgraduate students, and also undergraduate students from several campuses in Yogyakarta. On this occasion, a former advisor of KPK as well as author books in his speech puts more emphasis on the modus operandi and the impact of corrupt practices. As well as the preventive measures that should be undertaken. Now, the corruptor is not limited to politicians, Ministers and the head of the region. But the common employee has come to the bureaucratic apparatus of Government and the surroundings of the village.

According to the author, corruption has become an extraordinary crime. Thus, in need of treatment and prevention ways that are systematic and comprehensive in the solution. On this occasion, Abdullah invited participants to be part of the volunteer’s anti-corruption Jihad. Initiate themselves in shaping the character of an honest, disciplined, simple, learned and has integrity. A courage to ask the funding sources/receipt and report various forms of irregularities. At the end of the talks, former Chairman of PB HMI expects students as future generations should be more eloquent anti-corruption to liberate this nation from the mental illness syndrome (corruptive mentality).

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