Democracy and Elections Class in Sumbermulyo Village

May 31, 2018 by : superadmin-mip

Wednesday, March 30, 2018. Master of Government Affairs and Administration in Cooperation with Electoral Commission of Yogyakarta, Institute of Research and Empowerment and The Government of Sumbermulyo Village held a democracy and election’s class. This event took place in Sumbermulyo Village on 10-12 am. Speaker in this event was Isnaini Mualliddin, S.IP., M.PA as Lecturer in Master of Government Affairs and Administration. This activity not only provides conceptual material but also the participants made groups and practice-related problem-solving election in Indonesia. The participants of this class consist of various elements of society, especially the Committee of General Election. The purpose of this activity is to provide political education in supervising the execution of Elections in Indonesia. The speaker hoped after this activity is capable of providing the critical attitude of the community in the implementation of the election and the election increased participation in Bantul Regency. The plans follow up of this class will also be held on 7 June 2018 by dividing participants into groups democracy class to help the organizers of the election giving political education and socialization to society still not yet participating in the democracy class.

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