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Welcome to the official website of the Master of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. A graduate program designed to produce managers, bureaucrats, politicians, and researchers in order to become a qualified professional.




Dwian Hartomi Akta Padma Eldo (MIP Angkatan 11)

Sebuah kebanggaan bagi saya ketika bisa menjadi mahasiswa di MIP UMY, prodi yang memiliki dosen yang luar biasa dengan keahlian dibidangnya masing-masing, MIP UMY mampu memberikan apa yang tidak dimiliki oleh prodi lain. Dengan sistem pembelajaran yang selalu mendorong kita untuk selau berkembang menuju internasional. Atmosfer akademik yang didapatkan bersama mahasiswa dan dosen mampu membuat saya selalu berkembang dan tidak kehilangan arah untuk berprestasi lebih baik lagi. “I am MIP”.

  • Presenter at 7th international Conference on Public Organization (ICONPO), IPDN, Jatinangor, Bandung 2017
  • Presenter at National Conference Call For Paper “ Leadership in Political and Goverment” at Computer Universities Bandung 2017


Aulia Nur Kasiwi (MGAA Batch 13)

Study at Magister of Government Affairs and Administration has given me a lot of knowledge. It’s not only about theoretically, but it is also about the science can also be applied to social life such as research and dedication. In other hand, inseparable from the role of the Lecturers who always motivated me to develop and work in taking Governmental Studies Program and facilities that always support me to keep running. Massive thank you MGAA!

  • Presenter at The Sixth ICONPO with the themes Information, Open Government, Democratic Government and Public Administration
  • Delegate of Indonesia 2016 at Asia Pasific Leader Initiative, StudEc International


Talitha Andwi Aswari (MGAA Batch 12)

MGAA provides competent lecturers, complete facilities, and also offers strong international academic atmosphere. MGAA exercises me to develop and sharpen my knowledges also practices in the field of governmental studies. I found of the learning process here, no regret when i was study in MGAA. I concluded that this is the right choice.

  • Finalist at 28th National Students Science Week in Halu Oleo University
  • Presenter at Asia-Pasific Public Policy Network (AP-PPN) conference at Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  • Presenter at International Conference Public Organization VII (ICONPO VII)



Being part of MIP is an exceptional study experience for me. The excellence of MIP is about the quality of learning and the professional lecturers. In addition, MIP always encourages the students to participate in International activities such as student exchange, International Conference and Journal Publications.

  • Presenter at International Conference on Ethics in Governance (ICONEG), Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (2016).
  • Presenter at Asia Pasific – Public Policy Network, Chiang Mai University, Thailand (2017).
  • Presenter at 7th International Conference on Public Organization ICONPO, IPDN, Jatinangor, Bandung (2017).